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Author: Mikesh Mistry

Northamptonshire in the First World War

Born in Harrow in 1992, Mikesh graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2014 with a degree in economics.

Mikesh has always taken a keen interest in history ever since receiving a subscription to Horrible Histories for a birthday present from his parents.

Intrigued and inspired by the commemoration events for the start of the First World War, Mikesh renewed this interest by studying more about the war on a county level in autumn 2014.

After discovering countless amazing stories about the county and Northampton, Mikesh embarked on an ambitious project to produce a book worthy of the memory of all those who were impacted by the devastation caused by the First World War.

Years of research followed and a wealth of resources has been used to write the book; many days have been spent in dusty archives while interviews have been conducted with descendants of Northamptonshire men who fought in the war to give this book a more personal touch.

​'Northamptonshire in the First World War' is his first book.


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