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- 100% of profits to NHS and Royal British Legion-

After spending countless hours doing research, interviewing over a dozen ancestors of Northamptonshire soldiers, and covering many community events to commemorate the end of the war, we are delighted to announce that 100% of profits from book sales will be donated to charity.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread harm and pain to millions of families across the UK. The NHS has been bravely serving under tremendous pressure and stress.

To say thank you to all those hard working doctors, nurses and hospital staff, 50% of profits of this book will go to a Northamptonshire Health Charity which directly supports the NHS in the county.

The other 50% of profits will be donated to the Royal British Legion. This charity was founded by Field Marshall Douglas Haig in 1921, to care for the needs of WW1 veterans. The charity continues to serve British veterans and each year runs the famous Poppy Appeal. 

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