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This is first and foremost a local history book.

It is the story of the ordinary men and women of Northamptonshire who overcame insurmountable odds both at home and on foreign lands during the war.

For many who lived in that era, their story was never told. Their bravely untold. Their spirit unrecognised.

This book, due to be released on the 100th anniversary of the end of the war, seeks to reveal their courageous story and to protect their memories.

If you have a relative with a Northamptonshire link during the war period, please contact the author by emailing or using the contact form below:

  • If your relative lived in Northamptonshire and fought in the war

  • If your relative fought in the Northamptonshire Regiment

  • If your relative lived in Northamptonshire during the First World War

  • Military photographs

  • Diaries (military and non-military)

  • Uniform badges / decorations

  • Official war correspondence documents

  • Any other documents or pictures related to the war and Northamptonshire that may be of interest

Thanks for submitting!

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