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Long-anticipated, this fantastic new book follows the heroic Northamptonshire Regiment as they embark on a series of deadly battles across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The life-changing societal impact of this catastrophic war on the men, women and children living back in Northamptonshire is also explored. Beautifully illustrated with rare and never-before-seen photographs and images, this book commemorates the efforts of Northamptonshire in the First World War.


The book is printed on high-quality paper and has over one hundred illustrations.


It will make the perfect gift for those interested in Northamptonshire or the First World War.


This book has been created with the kind help of volunteers. All profits from book sales will go to charity. Fifty percent will go the Royal British Legion, and fifty percent will go Northamptonshire Health Charities (for the NHS in Northamptonshire).


ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1739134559
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1739134556


264 pages.


A glimpse of what is contained in the book:


Chapter 1 – Start of War

  • Introduction to Northamptonshire in 1914.
  • 1st Northamptonshire Battalion part of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF).
  • Immediate consequences of outbreak of war: panic.
  • Eastcote Prisoner of War Camp.
  • Northamptonians in Germany, Germans in Northampton.
  • 16,000 Welsh soldiers in Northampton.
  • Patriotic response in Northamptonshire.
  • Schlieffen plan: Germany’s military tactic. Germany advancing, but stopped at Mons.
  • White Flag Incident.
  • Northamptons suffer grave casualties at Frist Battle of Ypres.


Chapter 2 – The Battle of Neuve Chapelle

  • The situation in early 1915.
  • General Haig devises a plan.
  • 2nd Northamptonshire Battalion prepares to attack.
  • Massive artillery unleashed on German positions.
  • Northamptons suffer huge casualties.
  • Germans counter-attack.
  • Lessons learnt by British commanders.
  • Local media critical of government censors on what happened.


Chapter 3 – The Battle of Aubers Ridge

  • Situation in spring 1915.
  • British artillery strikes at 5am.
  • 1st Northamptons slaughtered in No Man’s Land.
  • New recruits to 2nd Battalion experience first taste of trench warfare.
  • German Navy sinks RMS Lusitania.
  • Eastcote POW camp changes.
  • Local media announces casualties from Aubers Ridge.
  • Local newspaper highly critical of government over ‘Shells Scandal’.
  • British government collapses. New coalition government formed.
  • Soldier’s uncensored letter home about conditions.


Chapter 4 – The Somme

  • Situation in 1916.
  • Medical logistics back home.
  • 2nd Battalion suffer at Contalmaison. Soldiers win Military Cross.
  • 1st Battalion on the attack and their bad luck.
  • Funeral for German soldier in Northampton.
  • 7th Northamptonshire Battalion also engaged at the Somme.
  • Media blackout on events at The Somme.
  • 6th Northamptonshire Battalion win brutal fight and capture Trones Wood.
  • Sergeant Boulton wins Victoria Cross and tours Northamptonshire.
  • Hospital poetry.
  • Haig’s reputation through history.


Chapter 5 – The Tribunals

  • Wave of patriotic euphoria in August 1914.
  • The Derby Scheme and the Military Service Act.
  • Formation of the tribunals.
  • Failing recruitment targets.
  • Immediate negative reaction to tribunals.
  • Conscientious Objectors and The Slackers.
  • Military medical examinations.
  • Industry, agriculture, protected occupations and the tribunals
  • A secret diary from a Northampton soldier.
  • Tribunals and uncovering societal cracks.


Chapter 6 – Dunes Disaster

  • Race to the sea.
  • Operational Stranfest, July 1917.
  • A German trap.
  • Soldier’s swim the Yser to safety.
  • Northampton Battalion annihilated.
  • Flawed military intelligence.
  • A baby show in Northampton.
  • Local newspapers: “LEFT TO DIE”.
  • A prison break at Eastcote.
  • The Great Red Cross Fair in Northampton.
  • Rising food prices and tensions.


Chapter 7 – The Northamptonshire Yeomanry

  • Yeomanry comprised of local men.
  • Yeomanry at Neuve Chapelle.
  • A dramatic charge at Monchy-le-Preux.
  • A soldier and his brave horse.
  • Leniency at school’s back home.
  • Humour within the Yeomanry.
  • Yeomanry arrive in Italy in November 1917.
  • Chasing the Austrian army and liberating Italian towns and villages.


Chapter 8 – Gallipoli & Palestine

  • Immense consequence on world history.  
  • A military jihad.
  • Failed landings at Sulva Bay and Ottoman victory.
  • The Northamptons in the shadows of the Pyramids in Cairo in June 1916.
  • A march across the Sinai.
  • Defeats at Gaza and media blackout.
  • General Allenby’s last roll of the dice.
  • Northamptons enter Gaza as victors.
  • Hunting the defeated Turks and delivering the final blow at Majdal Yaba.


Chapter 9 – The End of the Great War

  • Positive attitudes fading at home.
  • The Ludendorff Offensive fails and the Allies strike back.
  • America enters the war and Northampton.
  • Tensions over food back home.
  • The Hundred Days Offensive, Northamptons in reserve.
  • A summer carnival.
  • Armistice signed and joyous celebrations.
  • Local debates on what comes next.
  • The Regiment eventually arrives home.
  • Eastcote POW camp disbanded.
  • The Spanish Flu arrives.
  • Legacy of war on local children.
  • A golden locket of love.
  • Optimism for the future.


Chapter 10 – Epilogue

  • Remembrance Sunday 2018.
  • A haunting silence.
  • The enduring legacy of the Great War.
  • Centenary events.
  • Triumphant humanity.




Northamptonshire in the First World War

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